the Website

This website

In this website you’ll find my notes, tutorials, reviews and other misc. blog style writings in categories listed on the left menu.

This website will be a living document, as in I will add new sections as needed and revise, update and remove information as required. This is not a website aiming to teach a topic using step-by-step instructions. It’s more like a wiki for myself. Any of the information may have errors which I will improve/correct as I learn more and any opinion based text is, well, only my opinion.

English is not my native language so I’m sure there will be some typos and sometimes things won’t make much sense. In such cases kindly contact me and let me know.

Also if you are going to use any or all the content provided on this website for any reason other than self education, please contact me and let me know and give credit/reference back to this website.

Why take notes?

My main interest in taking notes is to retain information. I have a tendency to forget things when I just read a book, an article or watch a video tutorial. I believe that you don’t firmly grasp any topic unless you’re able to tell someone about it in a manner that person can understand. In this website my target audience is mainly myself but feel free to witness my journey as I learn more.

Also the ability to check back previously used knowledge in your own words is no doubt a huge plus too.


This website is built using Hugo and uses a customized version of the theme Learn by Mathieu Cornic. I’m grateful to all parties involved in developing mentioned software.