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I’m Sarper Soher, a game developer from Istanbul, Turkey.


  • I was introduced to video games when I was about 5, it was the game “Barbarian” on my brother’s Commodore 64.

  • Some of my all time favorites:

    • Severance: Blade of Darkness
    • Half-Life
    • Omikron: The Nomad Soul
    • Blood
    • Gothic 1 and 2
    • Sanitarium
    • Fallout 1 and 2
  • Even though I’ve used the term “gamer” it means something different to me than the cultural meaning it carries these days (which I have a genuine dislike of). I don’t have a gaming chair, pink dyed hair or an RGB keyboard and Fortnite or League of Legends are definitely not the only games I play (actually I’ve never played those).

Game Developer

  • 2001 - Started working on games at the age of 13 with the Clickteam’s Klik & Play, a simple drag & drop, event sheet based game maker. Also made small maps and audio mods for Half-Life using WorldCraft.

  • 2003 - Taught myself to program starting with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 in high school. Moved on to Blitz3D, a custom basic language with a DirectX 7 powered game engine with it’s own IDE. Also tried C++ at that time for half a year but didn’t get far.

  • 2007 - Made my first commercial project using Blitz3D in the first year of University. It was for a children’s tv game show. Other freelance projects followed.

  • 2009 - I moved on to learn and use Unity 3D when it was first released for Windows in 2009, version 2.5. As of 2018 I’m still using Unity 3D to develop games. Since when I first started using it I’ve made some Asset Store packages, freelance projects and both paid and free-to-play mobile games for iOS, Android, Amazon Appstore, Microsoft UWP and more.

  • 2011 to 2014 - I’ve worked in 2 different companies in the city of Eskisehir as a Tech Director and a Branch Supervisor. Both were small mobile games companies with employee counts of 15-30.

  • 2011 - I’ve learned C# and stopped using UnityScript.

  • 2013 - I’ve made a game that was selected as the 3rd best in Global Game Jam 2013.

The site we’ve attended did rate the games and gave out prizes, to get more people to join possibly
I believe such honors only matter in the context of marketing. The only valid and the ultimate honor is the feedback of the end users, players. I’ve never joined any game jams since and I don’t plan to in the future, it’s nice to meet new colleagues but it doesn’t justify the temporary fatigue and the short-term burn out caused by at least 3 days of non stop work.

The game was a 2-player online multiplayer Don’t Starve look-a-like titled “I Want You So Dead”, each player had competing objectives.

  • 2014 - I’ve gone fully independent, now I’m releasing games as Accidental Empire Entertainment, a one person operation still as of 2018.
  • Basic, C++, Lua and gdScript are some of the other programming / scripting languages I’ve experience in. I also use CG and GLSL for gpu programming.

  • I’ve taught myself Wings3D, Blender, Photoshop, Bryce, Vue, Substance Painter and Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer and other DCC packages for graphical content over the years. Also did audio work using Adobe Audition and Audacity.

  • I enjoy using Jetbrains’ IDE’s. Rider and Clion are the two main IDE’s I’m using daily. If I worked in a team environment Youtrack would be my choice of project management software.

  • Trying out new game engines is fun when I have the time and motivation for it. Unreal Engine 4, Leadwerks, Game Maker Studio 2, Defold, Godot are just some of the engines I’ve tried and made some small learning projects with.

  • I’m currently learning C++ before moving on to graphics programming with OpenGL.

  • My education is totally irrelevant of the work I do (Public Relations, Associate Degree)

Current Work

  • Finishing up my next game currently titled Defender 3D
  • Learning C++ using these sources: C++/Learning Sources
  • Taking notes to publish on this website
  • Considering Godot as a replacement for Unity for my future work

Other Interests

  • Meditation
  • Rainy weather
  • Stoic philosophy
  • Mystery and sci-fi films
  • Biking and walking long distances
  • Reading, especially survival and fantasy fiction
  • Fixing and improving stuff in general, like household items or the workspace
  • Strangely shaped ergonomic computer keyboards (happy owner of a Kinesis Advantage 2)